What We Have Learnt in Launching UDi SKINCARE

WOW – what a ride! After months of planning, long hours and hard-work we have finally launched UDi SKINCARE – the world’s first organic snail filtrate skincare for men and women.

Whilst we are thrilled to finally share UDi SKINCARE with the rest of the world it is important to note that this moment has not come without a few bumps in the road. We have made mistakes, jumped hurdles and dodged a few bullets (figuratively) in the process. And though the journey to get here may not have been all smooth sailing, our experiences have brought us new growth and development.

In this blog post, we want to share with you some of the lessons we have learnt in launching UDi SKINCARE.

Colours are never the same as they look

When choosing our brand colours, we wanted to choose colours that best reflected our products, culture and location. Finding the right colours online was simple, however having the exact colour printed and painted to the real life tangible product proved to be no easy feat.

For our female range – KIKA – we chose the colour ‘Marsala’, a rich and feminine tone of red. With the farm being located in Marsala, Sicily (Italy), we thought this colour for KIKA was the perfect match.

‘Marsala’ – the intended colour for UDi SKINCARE KIKA product range.

On a swatch, the colour ‘Marsala’ looked elegant – its richness being a perfect reflection of the Marsala environment and the origins of UDi SKINCARE. However, when the Marsala colour was painted on the inside of the bottles, not the outside, and filled with product – the colour changed. Resulting in an almost lipstick coloured pink.

‘Stargazer’ – the intended colour for UDi SKINCARE SSMx10 product range.

A similar reaction occurred with our male product range – SSMx10. When the bottles were painted and filled with product our proposed Pantone Blue lost its depth, resulting in a lighter than desired shade of blue.

The result – Lipstick coloured pink of KIKA products.
The result – Lighter shade of blue for SSMx10 products.

It was here that we learnt our first lesson – that colours are never the same as they look. Perhaps we would have been better off using a darker shade of colour to achieve the intended colours we had hoped for. The lesson – we now know that we need to use better colour matching techniques in the future.

Moving forward, we are unsure whether we will keep these colours for our products. What are your thoughts? We would love to hear your feedback on what colours you think UDi SKINCARE should use!

To scent or not to scent our products?

Whilst some people love scented skincare, others see added fragrance as a sin to their skin. These mixed opinions were something we took into serious consideration when exploring our options for scenting the UDi SKINCARE Snail Filtrate product range.

Snail Slime or Snail Filtrate has a natural, ‘earthy’ scent – and whilst the scent is pleasant, we knew that not everyone would enjoy its unique aroma… Considering this, we wondered if we should add fragrance to our products to make them more odour enticing?

In the end, we decided not to scent our products. At UDi SKINCARE we believe in being 100% natural. This means we do not add toxic chemicals to our products. Unfortunately, to scent a product often means adding in artificial toxic fragrance, which can have detrimental effects to your health and skin. Even natural fragrance has been reported to cause sensitivities in some individuals.

This is why we chose not to scent our products and instead keep the naturally occurring aromas from our unique formulas. For example, the subtle fruit scents in the UDi Face Creme naturally occur as a result of the Psidium Guajava Fruit Extract and Vitis Vinfera Fruit Extract that have been added to increase the products skin-conditioning and antioxidant properties.

Since launching UDi SKINCARE we have learnt that our customers greatly appreciate the fact all of our products are fragrance-free as it allows them to use the products with total confidence.

We continue to learn

Whilst we could continue to go on sharing the lessons we’ve learnt, it is too much to fit into one blog post. We know as time moves on that we will make new mistakes, jump some more hurdles and dodge a few more bullets. However, for us at UDi SKINCARE, it’s exciting, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store as we continue on this ride, evolving at every step of the way.

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