What Is Snail Filtrate and Why You Need It in Your Skin Care Routine!

Snail based skincare is becoming increasingly popular across the globe as people discover its incredible skin regenerative and healing benefits.

Unlike most products on the market, snail skincare is renowned for its multi-purpose functions, making it suitable for almost any skin care regime. And whilst your first reaction may be ‘ick’, we ask that you please don’t mock it until you try it.

In fact, the history of snail secretions being used in skincare AND medicine can be traced back centuries ago to Hippocrates.

So, what exactly is Snail Filtrate?

For those wondering… Yes, snail based skincare products are indeed harvested from snails. The Helix Aspersa Muller garden snail to be exact. But let’s be clear… It’s NOT crushed up snails you are getting in your glass bottle or screw top tub – it is in fact a nutrient rich fluid the snail releases when motivated.

The fluid acts as the snails’ natural protection barrier and helps them to heal cuts, resist bacteria, and shield them from the sun’s UV rays. And when applied to human skin it has the same affect.

The cosmetic term and ingredient used in skincare is commonly known as Snail Secretion Filtrate or Snail Filtrate. Although others also refer to it as Snail Slime.

What are the benefits of Snail Filtrate?

Snail Filtrate is especially rich in collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, glycol acids, antimicrobials, and copper peptides – all of which are proven to be beneficial for human skin.

When applied topically, Snail Filtrate helps to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in a youthful glow as it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition to this, Snail Filtrate protects the skin from free radicals, soothes inflammation, repairs damaged tissues, and improves hydration – pretty amazing stuff for just one all-natural ingredient!

Due to the skin-soothing and hydrating components of Snail Filtrate, it is incredible for treating all kinds of concerns related to sensitivity and dehydration. Those with skin conditions such as Psoriasis or eczema (and the like) have reportedly used Snail Filtrate to relieve redness, irritation and inflammation.

These qualities also mean that Snail Filtrate is great for acne. Many people report that using skincare products with Snail Filtrate significantly reduced breakouts and helped them heal faster, whilst brightening the appearance of old acne spots and scars.

The Science behind Snail Filtrate

Whilst we love using Snail Filtrate skincare for almost any kind of skin concern we have, we know that many of our readers want the proof.

As Snail Filtrate is a relatively new ingredient being used in modern day skincare, there is still somewhat limited research. Although the quality research studies that have been published thus far demonstrate the diverse applications of Snail Filtrate and verify some phenomenal results.

In a 12-week study, test subjects found that periocular rhytides (wrinkles) significantly improved after application of Snail Filtrate compared with an inactive placebo (1), whilst another study found new insights into molecular mechanisms underlying the regenerative properties of Snail Filtrate, suggesting dermatological or cosmetic uses of Snail Filtrate-based products as to diminish ageing-induced cutaneous manifestations (2).

Another notable study conducted by The Journal of Dermatological Treatment found that snail extract can be used to treat and heal burns, determining Helix Aspersa extract as a natural, safe and effective alternative treatment in open wound management of partial thickness burns in adults (3).

You’ve got to try it to believe it!

Given that snail products are suitable for almost every skin type, they are a great addition to any skincare regime.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of snail skincare is that it is a natural product. Although we advise you to always read the ingredients label on any product you try, snail products generally do not contain the nasty chemicals and toxins that can be found in many other products on the market – that’s a win in our books!

Ultimately, the hardest part for people is accepting that they are using snail slime on their skin – with the word slime being the main deterrent. This is why we prefer to use the term ‘Snail Filtrate’.

At UDi we are confident that once you experience the marvel of Snail Filtrate and actually see visible results, you will get past any mental barrier about the product being derived from snails.

We ask that you be open minded about trying Snail Filtrate – it might just be the ingredient your skin care regime is missing!


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