Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Although we are small, the UDi team are a passionate and diverse bunch of individuals – and each member has their own story to tell. Together we are learning and evolving to bring you UDi SKINCARE, an idea that was ignited one late summers afternoon as two friends sat around a table discussing a topic a little out of the ordinary from everyday life.

Philip Jackson

As an individual, Philip is passionate about family and innovation. Learning about the marvel of Snail Filtrate, he recognised this as an opportunity to provide an organic and innovative product to the skincare industry.

In his role as Co-Founder, Philip provides guidance to ensure everyone in the team excels to the best of their abilities. “We have great people so it is not my task to tell them what to do but merely ensure and guide them to achieving results. My role is to ensure we tick the many boxes a business needs to tick and to provide the backing and support to ensure we grow and meet our full potential. My role is to be there for advice, assistance and often “roll your sleeves” effort.  It is a small team and everyone does everything, including myself.”

Philip has been honoured to receive many government awards for his previous company Sportstec Limited. In his role as Managing Director and majority shareholder, Philip was acknowledged for changing the world of sport. A remarkable leader and business mentor, he was also selected as Winner of the 2014 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards and was selected by Apple as one of the 30 people from around the world to represent a year in the life of Apple’s first 30 years.

Simone Santa Maria

Simone is the head Farmer and land owner of the UDi Farm in Sicily, Italy. The problems of making a small family farmlet productive inspired Simone to find a project that could add more value to the land whilst respecting its origins and traditions.

“The proximity to the sea, the continual exposure to the sun, the red soil rich of iron, and the presence of Her Majesty – the black bee, have created a unique ecosystem and perfect habitat for the snail. This peculiar prehistoric animal soon aroused a passion in me, so much that I decided to host few thousand specimens on my land.”  

The curiosity of this enterprise spread across oceans captivating the attention of an old friend living in Australia (Philip). With Philip’s entrepreneurship and Simone’s knowledge on snails together they formed UDi SKINCARE.

Born in Rome, an adopted Sicilian and French citizen due to his profession, Simone also doubles as the Assistant Coach of the famous Bayonne Rugby Team. Simone looks forward to this new venture outside his usual job functions of professional rugby and law.