How To Incorporate UDi SKINCARE Into Your Unique Skincare Regime

At UDi, we understand that everyone’s skin is totally unique and so too is their skincare regime. This is why we have designed and developed our products to be easily implemented into any skincare regime. With just three products currently available in each UDi SKINCARE range you might be left wondering – ‘how can I implement these products into my own unique skincare regime?’

To begin, it is worth noting that UDi SKINCARE is NOT a complete skincare regime. At this stage, we have three products available in both our male (SSMx10) and female (KIKA) product ranges: UDi Day and Night Gel, UDi Eye Serum & UDi Face Creme.  We do not currently have a cleanser, toner, exfoliator etc. available. However, we will be releasing more products in the future – so stay tuned!

What is the UDi Day and Night Gel and how can I implement it into my unique skincare regime?

The UDi Day and Night Gel contains the highest concentration of our active ingredient – Snail Filtrate. With 98% Snail Filtrate, the UDi Day and Night Gel is undoubtedly our most popular product as it actively works to correct blemishes and remove impurities.

We purposely named the product UDi Day and Night Gel as it is not necessarily an essence nor a serum. Although, it does belong within that same family of products.

The best thing about the UDi Day and Night Gel is that it can be used at various different steps of your unique skincare regime (and it can be applied more than once daily).

For example, the high potency of UDi Day and Night Gel (98% Snail Filtrate) makes it suitable to be used as a booster or ampoule and applied as spot treatment on troubled skin areas throughout the day. However, others prefer to apply UDi Day and Night Gel as a full-face serum before they moisturise to reap more of its amazing benefits. It really comes down to your personal preference. Either way we assure you will see visible results!

What is the UDi Eye Serum and how can I implement it into my unique skincare regime?

Implementing the UDi Eye Serum into your regime is simple – use it as you would use any eye cream and apply morning and night before you moisturise. The UDi Eye Serum provides special care to your delicate eye area.

With 74% Snail Filtrate, the UDi Eye Serum instantly tightens and firms the skin providing you with visible results.

But be warned – you will be so amazed with the instant results that you may end up walking into a glass window as you stare at your reflection in astonishment (yes, this has happened!).

What is the UDi Face Creme and how can I implement it into my unique skincare regime?

UDi Face Creme is currently our only hydration product – a beautiful, lightweight moisturiser that gently soothes the skin leaving it calm, supple and hydrated. The subtle fruit aromas of the UDi Face Creme make every application a truly tranquil experience.

With almost 25% Snail Filtrate, the UDi Face Creme has been formulated with an abundance of other natural skin conditioning agents to ensure absorption at your deepest skin layers.

Due to the fast absorption of this product, some like to use the UDi Face Creme as a base layer followed by a heavier moisturising product to lock it all in – again, this depends on your personal preference and unique skin type.

Example Morning Routine

Example evening routine

We are all unique individuals and therefore we all need our very own unique skincare regime. But whether you indulge in an extensive 10+ step routine or opt for a simpler approach, the UDi SKINCARE Snail Filtrate products are easy to implement with no fuss, making them the perfect addition to any skincare regime.