How To Build The Perfect Skincare Regime

Three steps? Five Steps? Ten Steps?! How many ‘steps’ are in your unique skincare regime? Whilst some attribute their glowing complexion to an extensive 10-step routine, others suggest that a simple three 3-step regime is all you need. With so much conflicting advice on how many steps and products to use in your skincare regime it can at times seem a little overwhelming. This is why we have put together this blog post to share our thoughts on how to build the perfect skincare regime.

So what is the perfect skincare regime?

Whether you advocate for a 10-step routine or not, the steps in your skincare regime should generally follow the three fundamental stages of:

1.     Cleanse

2.     Apply active ingredients

3.     Hydrate

 Now, the number of products you should use at each stage is totally up to the individual depending on your unique skin type and personal skin goals.



Your morning skincare regime can make or break your complexion (literally). Starting your morning routine with a cleanse removes dirt and debris that may have settled on your skin overnight, creating a fresh surface for your active ingredients to be easily absorbed.

Apply active ingredients

The second stage of your morning routine is where some regimes begin to grow. The use of toners, essences, serums, ampoules and elixirs can certainly add unnecessary steps to your skincare regime.

Essentially, the aim of this stage is to use products that target your specific skin concerns. Think products that are antioxidant-rich like the UDi Day and Night Gel that contains 98% Snail Filtrate and actively works to remove impurities and correct blemishes. The potent blend is full of antioxidants, antimicrobials and copper peptides that provides your skin with the protection it needs to survive the day.


Once you have applied your necessary active ingredients, it is time to lock it all in with some form of moisturising product. The amount of hydration your skin needs in the morning will mainly depend on your skin type.

If you have oily skin or are applying make-up after your regime then a lightweight moisturiser, such as the UDi Face Creme, will provide you with enough hydration for the day. However, if you suffer from dry/flaky skin you may need an additional layer of hydration.

Throughout the day

Some days our skin requires a little extra TLC. This is why having a product such as the UDi Day and Night Gel on hand is effective as it helps speed up your skins healing process. Simply apply the UDi Day and Night Gel to pimples, scars and other troubled skin areas throughout the day and leave it to work its magic.

Night time

Unlike your skincare routine in the morning, your evening skincare routine should aim to address skin issues before the regenerative process of sleep begins. This means including more active ingredients and hydrating products to help your skin rebuild itself over night.

Similar to your morning routine, we suggest starting your night time routine with a thorough cleanse followed by your active ingredients.

Including an eye treatment at this stage of your routine is crucial to help reduce puffiness in the morning. The UDi Eye Serum instantly tightens the skin on application and continues to work overnight as it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin at your deeper skin layers.

Finally, before you tuck in to get your beauty sleep, we suggest you apply rich moisturisers to seal in all the properties from your previous products. Start with a light cream to form a base layer then follow with heavier moisturisers and sleeping pack creams.

When building a skincare regime, it is essential that it is designed especially for you, as what works for someone else may not necessarily work for your unique skin type. So, if you are wanting to build your perfect skincare regime, start with the three fundamental stages of: cleanse, apply active ingredients and hydrate – and build up from there.