About UDi Skincare

About UDi

We are in the business of making natural Snail Secretion Filtrate products that actually work.

Using a combination of science and historical methodology we deliver a select range of snail secretion filtrate products filled with nature’s most potent ingredients that empower you to #RadiateOpulence.

We embrace natural and organic farming processes, resulting in a premium filtrate, all the while respecting the life of our beautiful snails. The unique environmental factors of our own boutique farm make the UDi SKINCARE range truly inimitable.

All of our independent testing has exceeded expectations and proven some impressive results.

Our Process


At UDi Skincare all of our key ingredients are naturally and organically grown and harvested on our farm in Sicily, Italy.

The natural rich soils enhance the products available, allowing us to feed our snails a variety of fruits and vegetables tailored to their dietary needs.


At UDi, we never use toxic chemicals in our farming process or our products. To ensure the perfect habitat for our snails we use a range of insects that act as natural predators against unwanted infestations. 

This keeps our snails healthy and provides a safe, chemical free product for you.

For advanced sanitation in the extraction lab we use Del Ozone – an organically approved sanitation process that effectively kills all known food and human pathogens.


At UDi our commitment is to develop for you products of superb quality that you can use with total confidence, respecting the environment and our beautiful snails.


At UDi we have chosen to engage in hand harvesting to extract the secretion from our snails.

Hand-harvesting is a natural process by which the secretion is obtained through gentle hand motivation.

This process ensures quality control and the best possible outcomes for our snails and products.


At UDi our snail’s wellbeing is imperative to the quality of the final product.

No snails are harmed during the harvest process. After they have finished excreting all of our snails return to life on the farm.

We have also limited our annual harvest, meaning we do not have the quantity of a lab based product but our resultant quality is unquestioned. 


The Discovery

Snail Filtrate has been used medicinally and as a skin treatment since the time of Ancient Greece. Dating back as far as 400 BC; Hippocrates, the famous physician and founder of medicine, prescribed the use of snails to relieve inflamed skin.

In more recent times, Snail Filtrate has been admired for its unique benefits* in skincare –  globally celebrated as nature’s most potent ingredient for healthy, beautiful, radiant skin.

New discoveries of the ingredient’s uses and benefits are still unfolding to this present day.

Laboratory tests

Collected from the common garden snail Helix Aspersa Muller, Snail Filtrate is a nutrient intense fluid externally secreted by snails. The filtrated secretion is especially rich in collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, glycol acids, antimicrobials, and copper peptides – all of which are proven to be beneficial for human skin.

Our unique farming processes have led to some amazing results, with all testing exceeding the expectations of the laboratory. See the results for yourself.